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12 Must-Have Features for a Modern Kitchen

Traditional kitchens will always remain popular, but they aren’t always a good match for every home cook. Whether you’re planning a renovation or building a kitchen from scratch, chances are you want at least a few modern elements that match your preferences. However, with culinary lifestyle publications and influencers constantly bombarding us with ideas, it can be difficult to know which amenities are worthwhile.

Thankfully, though many of them disagree, most interior designers and professional chefs have a consensus on what features are truly useful in a modern home kitchen. If any of the modern features below appeal to you, get in touch with experts in kitchen renovation Auckland homeowners and restaurateurs rely on:

1. Entertaining Pantry

If you have a large enough space, an entertaining pantry may become the most beloved feature of your new kitchen. These small areas are typically designed as anterooms or similar adjoining spaces to kitchens, addressing common problems with storage, accessibility, and aesthetics. These can come with storage as well as a counter for organising items and temporarily storing food before you bring them to the dinner table. With a dedicated display and storage area uncluttering your kitchen, you’ll find new joy in storing your fine china, groceries, and other essentials.

kitchen pantry

2. Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are becoming incredibly popular for many good reasons. They give you more countertop space and can also house an additional stove or sink, giving you more convenience and flexibility. They can also be quite a versatile hub for meal prep and entertaining guests. The lower parts of the island can, of course, be also used for much-appreciated additional storage.

3. Smart Appliances

Some smart appliances can be a bit gimmicky, but the right ones can be completely transformative to your kitchen experience. Once they’re set up, the right smart oven, fridge, or sous vide machine can turn your kitchen into a highly functional space. Just make sure you only purchase the ones that you envision using frequently to avoid clutter.

modern oven

4. Appliance Garage

A pantry can be great for storing stuff that you might use a couple of times a month. But for appliances that you use more than just a couple of times a week, an appliance garage located right in the main prep area can be a great feature, offering you a convenient temporary storage space and keeping the kitchen uncluttered and organised.

5. Pull-Out Drawers

If your kitchen tools are difficult to reach, consider pull-out drawers for your next kitchen or pantry renovation. Though these can be a bit fiddly to install, they provide superior accessibility, particularly for mobility-impaired individuals and seniors.

kitchen drawer

6. Pull-Out Trash and Recycle Bins

Having your trash and recycle bins hidden away in a pull-out cabinet makes waste disposal even simpler and helps recover some valuable floor space. If you do want to have this feature, be sure to invest in cabinets with heavy-duty reinforced hardware since pull-out bins are likely to see daily use.

7. Pot Filler

A pot filler installed near your stove provides a convenient way to fill large pots with water without having to carry them from the sink. If you entertain a lot of guests frequently, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

8. A Large and Wide Sink

Even if you do have an automatic dishwasher, having a large sink will serve to simplify everyday kitchen tasks. Whether it’s meal prep or wash up, you’ll be glad you went bigger with your sink.

kitchen sink

9. In-Counter Outlets

While counter-height outlets are a necessity in any kitchen, they can often look out of place, particularly if they’re placed against a nice backsplash. As an alternative, in-counter outlets that can be brought up as needed can offer a cleaner look as well as convenience.

10. Pizza Oven

Even if you’re not into making pizza, a pizza oven’s form factor makes it ideal for cooking a variety of other items, including larger quantities of fish, meat, vegetables, bread, and more. If you often find yourself prepping dinner for a crowd, having all the capacity a pizza oven offers will just make your life easier. Plus, it helps to know that you actually have a kitchen tool that’s capable of making delicious pizzas.

pizza oven

11. Coffee Bar

Whether you work from home or simply enjoy a great cup of java, a coffee bar is a must-have. A dedicated coffee bar may be just the thing to energise your morning routine and give your kitchen a cosy ambience.

12. Speciality Refrigerator

If you’re a wine aficionado or simply like to entertain others, a wine refrigerator may be a good pick for your next kitchen renovation. Alternatively, if you enjoy making pickled and fermented foods, a dedicated fridge will make everything so much easier to organise. Either way, having a dedicated fridge will make it much easier to pick out just the right sides and vintages to go with your meals.

wine fridge

Begins Your Next Culinary Adventures the Right Way

If you’re used to a traditional kitchen layout, incorporating these useful features into your future kitchen will almost certainly transform your culinary experience for the better. At the end of the renovation process, you should be left with a space that is not only a joy to cook in but also to relax in. Best of all, if you hire the right contractors to install these features, you may be adding considerable resale value to your property.