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Creating a Statement with Bathroom Fixtures

Like any room in your house, your bathroom holds countless potential in allowing you to express your personal style. More than just a place where you can attend to your personal hygiene needs, it can also become a place that offers you solitude and a space for meditation. Hence, it’s to your advantage to ensure that your bathroom is both comfortable and visually appealing.

Fixtures are a great way to spruce up your bathroom, and certainly there are many kinds you can choose from depending on what style you’re going for. Read on to learn what fixtures you may consider to elevate the look of your bathroom.

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Invest in Your Bathroom Vanity

When you enter a bathroom, your eyes will likely be drawn to the room’s vanity. Because of its prominence in the room and its placement, your bathroom vanity offers a great way to create a striking impression to anyone who visits the space. Moreover, since it is both functional and stylish, you accomplish two things with the price of one fixture.

The classic choice would be floor standing vanity units, which can give you more storage room as well. Meanwhile, wall hung vanities give a sense of space so they’re perfect for smaller bathrooms. Colour and material are also major factors to consider when choosing your vanity. For example, bold colours such as black can make an elegant statement without looking too garish. Meanwhile, a wood finish on your vanity can add a natural look to your bathroom.

At times when you can’t find the exact vanity that you want, you may consider looking for bathroom renovations Auckland services to build you a custom one and have them install it as well. With the help of professionals, you can surely have a bathroom vanity that will meet your expectations.

Turn Your Bathtub into a Centrepiece

If you have enough space in your bathroom, consider picking a freestanding bathtub to create an eye-catching centrepiece for the room. With various unique designs available, it can even become your starting point as you decorate the rest of the bathroom. You can go for more conventional shapes like oval, rectangular, or round bathtubs, but there are certainly more uniquely designed ones if you wish to make a bold statement.

What’s great about freestanding bathtubs is their flexibility. As they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, they allow for a more customisable arrangement and look for your bathroom. This gives you more freedom to arrange other fixtures to your liking, allowing them to aptly complement your centrepiece. You can even add a shower over your freestanding bathtub so you can get the best of both worlds.

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Add a Touch of Technology

Even bathrooms can benefit from technology, so don’t let yours become a relic of the past. Adding a touch of technology to your bathroom can be something as simple as putting LEDs around your bathroom mirror to highlight it and offer better lighting while you use it. Likewise, you may also consider a Bluetooth-powered integrated stereo speaker system to add the option of playing tunes as you relax in your bath.

Other functional options are available as well, such as heated flooring or digital shower controls, to make your stay in your bathroom much more comfortable. Other devices you can install include a smart water assistant to help monitor water usage and thus save you money in the long run, a smart scale so you can monitor your fitness goals conveniently whenever you go to the bathroom, and a thermostat to regulate the room temperature to your liking.

Try Upcycling

If you have any old furniture that you don’t want to throw out just yet, why not consider reusing it as part of your bathroom’s design? Upcycling fixtures, like taking an old dresser to use as a vanity, can add a more personal touch to your bathroom’s overall look. This also helps lessen the need to buy new fixtures, which can save you money if your renovation project is on a tight budget.

Folding screens that aren’t in use anymore can instead be upcycled as chic partitions in the bathroom. Do you happen to have some spare planters around? If so, then you may use them to hang some house plants by the bathroom window to give the space that cosy “back to nature” appeal. With creativity and a touch of effort, you can turn an otherwise plain bathroom into a lovely space to relax in.

Undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be quite a daunting task, given the wide selection of choices you have at your disposal. Choosing the right fixtures can help make the task easier as you can use them as a starting point to decide how the rest of the room will look. We hope the suggestions offered in this article can help inspire you to give your bathroom a look you’ve always dreamed of.