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TJ’s bathroom & kitchen renovation checklist

We’ve put together a short list to help you begin planning your home improvements, but we’re very happy to offer advice and tips gleaned during our long experience in home renovation to help you get the best remodeling result.

We know how important it is to get everything just right – from quality materials, new cabinetry and reliable plumbing to the right windows, colours and door handles.

1. Do your plans require any work on the exterior of your home? 

2. Will you be creating a better living space? Will prospective buyers appreciate what you achieve? 

3. If so you are adding value to your home. How do you use your kitchen? 

4. Which areas are most important to you? Who uses your bathroom? 

5. Do you need double sinks, a bath, or extra cabinetry? 

6. Is there an opportunity to add windows to let more light into the room? 

7. What flooring options do you prefer? Wood, carpet or tile? 

8. Where will desks, tables and entertainment areas be? 

9. Where do you need lighting to ensure you have plenty of light over work or eating areas, and feature lighting that will showcase your home to its best advantage and provide less bright corners for relaxing? 

10. What sort of finishes do you want on doors, windows and will there be any benchtops or cabinets? 

11. Do you want any storage cabinets built in? Many homes have very few cupboards and any little corners or under stairs etc can have storage built in for stowing things out of sight. 

12. Handles are another way to add design style. What will suit your style? 

13. What colours are you planning to use? What about the ceiling and trim?

Flip through some home and living magazines and make a list of ideas that really appeal. Then talk to us – we are happy to give advice and offer ideas that will suit your plans.

Take the time to ensure your renovation will add value to your property and quality to your life.