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Top 5 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For A Stunning Summer

Home deck

With spring bursting through it is a great time to be thinking of those lazy days we all look forward to, spending time outside on our decks or enjoying outdoor living areas.


Here are some of our favourite decking tips to help you make the most of your chill out zone.

1. Does your deck need freshening up? Where do you start, water blasting or a treatment first? TJ’s recommend that you clean your deck down to check the timber first, using a product like 30 Seconds to remove mould and stains. Water blasting can damage decks if the wood splinters so be sure your decking is hardwood before trying water blasting.

2. Once the deck is clean, check if the decking timber is still in good condition. Does your deck wood look perfect or does it need stain, oil or repairs?

3. Here at TJ’s we can give you a free quote to replace any hardwood decking timbers or suggest ways to add value to your deck with additions or by tweaking your current design.

4. Think about indoor-outdoor flow and extending your living area outdoors. TJ’s team can give advice and ideas on how to make your outdoor space more beautiful and usable. Maybe French doors onto your deck would make it more inviting; or a wall on one side would add privacy and wind shelter.

5. Finishing products can really make a huge difference both to the appearance and the lifespan of your deck. When you have your dream outdoor area and perfect deck, make sure that you use the right stains, oils or paint to keep your decking timber tip top.


Call today to get advice on deck design, new deck builds and deck repairs. We’re happy to help.