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TJ’s Kitchens & Bathrooms – New Name; Same Great Business!

We’re extremely pleased to announce a new look and feel for TJ’s Property Services.

After 20 years providing an expert home renovation service in Auckland, we have tightened our focus and concentrate on kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations. Tyrone’s years of experience as a master cabinetmaker meant that we were increasingly in demand for kitchen and bathroom renovation work that included custom made cabinetry, bespoke benches and unique kitchen islands.

To be fair, cabinet making and the highly demanding precision work necessary for bathroom and kitchen remodeling appeals to Tyrone’s perfectionist nature! Never one to settle for less than immaculate results, Tyrone is never happier than when he is standing back, surveying a perfect renovation project which has been brought to a flawless conclusion.

Yes, TJ’s is still available to do home renovations and we can handle decking projects and flooring (which is a key part of bathroom and kitchen renovations as well) – but we wanted a new name that explained clearly where our particular area of expertise lies.

So here is our new logo for TJ’s Kitchens & Bathrooms – with thanks to Wonder Design for the graphics and Fresh Marketing for the wording and creative guidance.

We look forward to working with you.

Tyrone & Marion Galloway.

TJ's Kitchens and Bathrooms logo

7 Smart Tips for Bathroom Renovations

With decades of experience in bathroom renovations and custom cabinetry, we’ve gathered a few smart tips for bathroom remodeling! Here are our top 7 suggestions on what to consider when designing a new bathroom.

1. Bathroom flooring is important and needs to withstand water well. Whether you choose wood, tiles or lino, colour can help add impact or light, especially in small bathroom renovations where a light colour will add space. There are so many options in this area, so talk to us and make an informed decision on flooring for your bathroom renovation.

2. Shower or shower over the bath? A lot of people choose to do away with a bath especially in a small space, but if the shower is over the bath you get the best of both worlds, and a bath can also help with the resale of your property. There are a huge range of shower options from walk in to smaller showers so it helps to create a customised bathroom design to see how your preference will work.

3. Bathroom bench space is always top priority for all the items you use each day. What product to use for your bathroom cabinet bench top is also important. 

4. Often the room itself will need to be expanded to be more open plan and add space. The toilet and bathroom will often combine to become one new room – or you may choose to do the opposite and split the toilet from the bathroom to add an extra room for extra privacy. 

5. Bathroom vanities are used in so many ways for putting items away that are used once every now and again or many times during the day. Customised bathroom cabinetry can really make the difference in creating a unique solution to this sometimes clunky area.  Adding a custom built medicine cabinet is also a great way of hiding power points as well as other highly used items.

6. Safe and accessible power points in a bathroom are a priority, and getting the right layout can take some organising when renovating. Well placed powerpoints can make all the difference to your daily routines so it’s important to get them right when you are planning the layout of the new bathroom design and renovation. Lighting and ventilation can also be changed to improve the overall effect of light and feel in the bathroom. 

7. Wall coverings in a bathroom are important to help keep this highly used room easier to clean and mould free. Tiling and painting are always popular choices for bathroom remodeling.

We pride ourselves on offering a personalised bathroom renovation service to our clients, and making a new bathroom project or bathroom renovation stress free – with a great result every time. Let us know when you are ready to talk!

10 Smart Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Ever wondered how to create a contemporary bathroom, without breaking the bank, so you can enjoy beautiful, modern bathroom design every day?

We’re sharing our top bathroom remodeling ideas to help you get the new bathroom you deserve!

Does your bathroom design just not work for you?

Many clients ask us to take a wall out to create a bigger bathroom, or add a wall to increase their some privacy. TJ’s can change your bathroom design to create a luxurious contemporary space. We’ll take the time to talk about how you want to use your bathroom, and suggest ways to make the most of a small bathroom renovation, or to create a totally new bathroom in the space you have.

Bathroom cabinets saggy and shabby?

At TJ’s we are experts in cabinetry. We can design and build custom bathroom cabinets and new bathroom vanities to improve your bathroom design. Choose from floor to ceiling cabinetry for clean lines and extra storage, or a floating vanity that maximises space while creating lots of countertop space.

Ugly or inefficient tapware?

Discover the range of modern taps and shower heads and change the look and function of your bathroom. Installing two shower heads or a rain-style shower head is a great way to up the luxury factor of your shower, and there are numerous sleek curved mixer taps for bathroom basins. Talk to us before you choose bathroom tapware as we’re familiar with the best quality, most efficient brands and the latest bathroom trends. We’ll advise the best tapware, so you can get the power back in your shower!

Lighting not bright enough?

Bathrooms are often dark and dim and adding the right lighting adds lots of value. Bathroom lighting ideas include tactically placed down-lights to brighten up dull corners, wall lights to shed light on your face, heat lights to warm up your bathroom on cool mornings, or you can have a little fun with strip lighting around your mirror to make you feel like a star!

Not enough power points?

It’s a great to add power points during bathroom renovations. Consider hiding them away in cupboards on the wall to stop children from getting at them, and to keep your bathroom design clean and sleek. Bathroom power points all need meet a range of safety requirements, so make sure you ask us about your plans for socket placement.

minimalist bathroom

Handles not doing the job anymore?

Quality bathroom cabinet handles are a great way to add style to your new bathroom. They need to be highly functional and look good at the same time – and last! There are so many handles to choose from, but we can advise on high quality brands, and the choice is easy when you are clear on the style of your bathroom design.

Colour of your cabinetry a bit drab?

Look at your overall bathroom design to see what finish is best. Your bathroom cabinets can have a painted finish or a wooden look. Whatever you choose can completely change the mood of your room especially if it is a small bathroom. ‘Light and bright’ is always popular, as are bold dark lines. Creating a sense of space is key to achieving your new look. Also think of functionality and the ease to keep it clean, especially if you have children.

Vanity top and sink out of date?

Your vanity top is one of the most important decisions in the bathroom design. Often people get caught up in s trendy look and forget that we need a place the brush our teeth, shave, and do hair and makeup. Your new bathroom will be one of the most used spaces in the house, and if you don’t get the bathroom vanity right, sharing the bathroom can cause chaos! Consider whether there is room for two sinks or a longer vanity top; design is key.

Steam lingering long after the shower is turned off?

Excess steam is irritating but long term it also can do permanent damage to your bathroom. It is essential to look at options for quick, effective venting when remodeling bathrooms. You can also add a heat pad behind the mirror to keep it clear all the time!

Flooring not looking so good?

To tile or not to tile? That is the question so many customers ask us, and the answer is usually ‘yes!’ Bathroom tiles are very versatile and easy to clean, and you can add underfloor heating to keep your feet warm in winter. Other bathroom flooring ideas we like are wood and lino – but it’s a very personal choice and it’s essential to choose the right flooring product to achieve the desired effect. Dark wood floors or light natural stone tiles – there are plenty of great options to enhance your new bathroom design.

We hope you enjoy these tips, and that they help you on your journey to renovating your bathroom to fit your lifestyle! With TJ’s assistance and our years of expertise in bathroom remodeling we can help you get your dream bathroom.