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New Year, New Kitchen! TJ’s Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovations Are A Speciality At TJ’s Kitchens & Bathrooms

We believe that kitchen renovations are all about getting balance back in life where it is out of balance, and a new kitchen is a great way to start off the New Year, with a new vision. Here are our suggestions on how we can help you improve your lifestyle and get balance back in your kitchen.

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1. Often the room itself will need to be expanded, so you can enjoy a more open plan kitchen. We all love to be included in a conversation when cooking or preparing meals for family and friends, so why not remove the walls and doors with the kitchen renovation – and say goodbye to feeling locked away from the conversation.

2. Kitchen bench space is always top priority in a kitchen whether you love to cook, or just need extra area to place a kettle on the bench – without it taking over the bench. What product to use for your bench top is also important, keeping it clean with ease so it always looks presentable.

3. Cupboards, kitchen cabinets and draws in your kitchen are vital to try and create some kind of order of all the items we use every day and a number of times. Could cupboards become custom made draws and draws become customised cabinetry cupboards? It is amazing to think of only having customised draws in your kitchen, but that is exactly what a lot of our customers are doing.

4. Pantry or scullery? We are always trying to organise this space every day, sometimes all day. It would be nice to put food away without having to pull it out again to get something behind it or because you cannot see what is there. If space is available a scullery can hide a lot of the little extras like the toaster or kettle. With your customised pantry you could add customised draws to them which will make it easier to see and get to what you actually want the first time.

5. Power points in a kitchen are a priority, and getting the right layout can take some organising when renovating a kitchen. With so many machines we use these days there never seems to be a power point where you need one! This is something that can be rectified when planning the layout of your new kitchen design and renovation. Kitchen lighting can also be changed to improve the overall effect of light in the kitchen, especially over kitchen workspaces, benches and tables.

6. Flooring is also important in the kitchen with this area been so highly used. Whether it is wooden flooring or tiles, the floor of your new kitchen will need to be ready for a lot of use. There are so many options in this area, and careful thought and a conversation with TJ’s will help you make the most informed decision for your kitchen renovation.

7. Wall colour is also important in a kitchen renovation. You may choose to use wallpaper or paint – it is part of the process to make the whole kitchen renovation come together, and complete the overall desired look for your completed kitchen renovation.

At TJ’s we pride ourselves on being able to offer a customised experience to our clients for each complete kitchen renovation – we plan well to ensure that each renovation project runs from start to finish with ease. Our target is to achieve excellence for every customer. Let us know when you are ready to talk!

Expert Advice: Top 10 Tips for Kitchen Renovations

This fantastic article was written by Karen Cole Banack and Melody Duron for

Renovating your kitchen will add ease to your lifestyle and value to your home. Here are the 10 most important things to consider when updating your kitchen.

Custom kitchen renovations

1. Use quality materials. Top-quality drawer slides and hinges mean cabinet doors will stay closed and drawers won’t stick. Stay away from drawers that are stapled together or made of particleboard. For cabinet interiors, wood veneer is more durable than melamine, laminate, MDF or particleboard.

2. Determine cabinet heights. If you have eight-foot ceilings, choose cabinets that go to the ceiling. They offer more storage, enabling you to use extra wall space for artwork or open shelves. If your ceilings are higher than eight feet, leave 15 to 18 inches above the cabinets.

3. Decide whether to paint or stain. Though stained-wood cabinetry is forgiving, most finishes date quickly and aren’t easily altered. Brush-painted cabinets can lend a unique personality.

4. Select an elegant countertop. White Carrara marble (honed or acid washed and sealed) and stained wood add elegance and warmth. We also like honed Kirkstone slate, soapstone and Wiarton limestone, and plastic laminate with a wood edge for a sophisticated look.

5. Install an island that works. Beware of placing a bulky cube in the middle of the room. We like islands that have an open, airy look. Ideally, an island should be unencumbered by appliances, but if you want it to house a dishwasher-sink combo or a cooktop, try to maintain the light look of a leggy harvest table.

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