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Top 5 flooring options for kitchen renovations

There are many flooring options for great kitchen floors. TJ’s Kitchens and Bathrooms have put together our top five recommended flooring options for kitchen renovations.

1. Tiles are one of the more popular choices when our clients are remodeling their kitchen. They are hard-wearing, stand up to water spills and easy to clean. Flooring tiles come in a huge range of colours and finishes. Tiled floors bring the appeal of space and cleanliness to a kitchen renovation.

2. Solid wooden floors are very popular for kitchen renovations. Once they have been sanded up and sealed correctly, wooden floors are also hard-wearing. You never know what is hiding under your existing flooring, and pulling off those worn layers to expose natural wooden flooring is always cathartic. Wooden floors are also warmer to stand on – and crockery is not ‘always guaranteed to smash’!

3. Engineered wooden flooring gives the same visual appeal as solid wooden flooring, and is also very durable, but comes in a wider range of colours. This colour choice can add real style to your new kitchen. Engineered wooden flooring has an underlay layer which helps stop dampness coming through and effecting the timber – or you can choose to stick the timber directly onto the existing flooring.

4. Polished concrete floors are another way to finish off your kitchen renovation to add a point of difference. Polished concrete can take some work to get it looking good – but the end effect is stunning. Different coloured finishes can add a unique touch to your kitchen remodel. You need to have a kitchen floor that can take the knocks and this is an effective finish. Vinyl flooring is always an option for kitchen remodels and there and there are endless modern colours, designs and patterns available.

5. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain proof. It is a way of keeping the kitchen renovation budget under control and does not require ongoing maintenance.  Also you can add a texture to the vinyl flooring to help reduce slips.

TJ’s Kitchens and Bathrooms are prepared for whatever kitchen flooring option you choose for your kitchen renovation.  We are ready to make your dream kitchen a real kitchen that you can enjoy every day!