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The Right Kitchen Remodel Can Pay Off

We liked this article from Sabine Schoenberg on StyledStagedSold – and no wonder, she is the author of the book ‘Kitchen Magic’.

Unequivocally, the kitchen is …

1. The most important space in a home today. From a home value perspective this means it is the most important space to get right.

2. Where we all spend our time. Therefore, it is the space you most want to tailor to support you and your family’s lifestyle.

Create your win-win kitchen remodel: Build a fantastic space to live in and add value to your home at the same time – provided you make the right choices for your kitchen remodel – small or large. No other space in your home gives a higher return on home improvement dollars.

Here are some important guidelines:

1. Since functionally kitchens are multi-dimensional social environments in addition to cooking space a good kitchen today accommodates many people and tasks. “Open concept kitchen” is the hot new term since it expands the kitchen into the family room and allows for social interaction with everyone in the family room.

2. Perhaps the biggest design feature of today’s kitchen is the center island. Peninsulas of the 1980’s and 90’s are yesterday’s news. One side of the island should have plenty of casual seating while the production side of the island can feature everything from sinks to a plain countertop work area.

3. Clean, sleek modern styling is the pulse of the day. Ornate, dark wood cabinets are passé. Simple painted white wood, light maple and, for eco-minded home owners, bamboo cabinets are all the rage.


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